Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Crayola

I just lost my friend that i thought she's my soulmate.. But she did hurt me by her behavior. She didnt tell me what was my wrong.. And that's the point. All you need in a friendship is honesty and trust. Okay, im not gonna 'curhat' here hehe. I wanna write Allah's miracle for me.. After all i've been through, the struggle, how desperate i was for loosing my best friend.... Allah give me His miracle, I realized that if i face some trouble with patient and sincere there will be a sweet escape. Time by time, i spent with looking for a real friends.. And without any expectation, Allah bring them near to me.. Ya, im sure insyaAllah, they're my real crayola. love you guys..

i didnt wear hijab cos it was in my house:p

"Karma doesnt exist, it's God reveal His justice"- AninditaIcha

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