Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hijab Scarf quiz

Assalamualaikum! 3 months ago, i saw a great and inspriring blog named "hijab scarf". I could say, that blog really pompin up my spirit to wear hijab. And here i am now wearing a hijab, Alhamdulillah. I joined the last quiz but unfortunately i didnt win it :p now, kak Hanna and kak Fifi held a great quiz and im joining it!
the quiz is>>> The great 6

And these are my photos! Hope they'll like it and hope i can meet them^^

 white shirt-mom's vintage dress-white shoes-white hijab- black inner-pearl bracelet

white shirt-jeans jacket-dark blue hijab-white inner-floral pattern skirt-white wedges-gold bracelet and necklace

white shirt-purple tanktop-jeans pants-pink bag-pink sandals-pink bracelet-white inner-colourful scarf

white shirt-striped long dress-black hijab-f21 eyeglasses-gold bracelet and necklace-silver high heels

my hijab style:D it's very simple!
brown hijab,pants,and shoes-floral pattern knitwear-gold and pearl necklace-pearl bracelet-brown bag

Photos by: Harza Sandityo, Syafira Anintya and Safira Ardya
Edited by me

Hope you like it kak Fifi and kak Hanna. Wassalam.


  1. hai ichaa. all of ur styles are great. love it!
    salam kenal yaa, blogwalking ke blog aku jg blh :D

  2. halo kak ranistiaa. thankieee i love ur style too. Salam kenal jg kaak, nice to know ya:) yippie

  3. you look amazing dear! <3

    xx fatima

  4. @Dilan: thank youuu:)
    @Fatima: thanks fatimaa, xx icha