Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hijab Scarf quiz

Assalamualaikum! 3 months ago, i saw a great and inspriring blog named "hijab scarf". I could say, that blog really pompin up my spirit to wear hijab. And here i am now wearing a hijab, Alhamdulillah. I joined the last quiz but unfortunately i didnt win it :p now, kak Hanna and kak Fifi held a great quiz and im joining it!
the quiz is>>> The great 6

And these are my photos! Hope they'll like it and hope i can meet them^^

 white shirt-mom's vintage dress-white shoes-white hijab- black inner-pearl bracelet

white shirt-jeans jacket-dark blue hijab-white inner-floral pattern skirt-white wedges-gold bracelet and necklace

white shirt-purple tanktop-jeans pants-pink bag-pink sandals-pink bracelet-white inner-colourful scarf

white shirt-striped long dress-black hijab-f21 eyeglasses-gold bracelet and necklace-silver high heels

my hijab style:D it's very simple!
brown hijab,pants,and shoes-floral pattern knitwear-gold and pearl necklace-pearl bracelet-brown bag

Photos by: Harza Sandityo, Syafira Anintya and Safira Ardya
Edited by me

Hope you like it kak Fifi and kak Hanna. Wassalam.

My first photoshoot with hijab

Last week, i did a photoshoot with my beautiful friends, and i wore hijab! these are the photos

inspired by ayat ayat cinta and i did smize!(smile with the eyes) :D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Crayola

I just lost my friend that i thought she's my soulmate.. But she did hurt me by her behavior. She didnt tell me what was my wrong.. And that's the point. All you need in a friendship is honesty and trust. Okay, im not gonna 'curhat' here hehe. I wanna write Allah's miracle for me.. After all i've been through, the struggle, how desperate i was for loosing my best friend.... Allah give me His miracle, I realized that if i face some trouble with patient and sincere there will be a sweet escape. Time by time, i spent with looking for a real friends.. And without any expectation, Allah bring them near to me.. Ya, im sure insyaAllah, they're my real crayola. love you guys..

i didnt wear hijab cos it was in my house:p

"Karma doesnt exist, it's God reveal His justice"- AninditaIcha

Friday, November 19, 2010

Suddenly I Miss my NY..

Liberty. I was the birthday girl!
This morning i asked my mom about my USA visa. And i just knew that it's still valid until 2013. I went there in 2008. It was my second time. I really hope Allah will give me an opportunity to go there again, my childhood place :p

my fav place, Central Park.

Thousand Island <3

Thursday, November 18, 2010


yes! finally! now im officially wearing a hijab insyaAllah... Well, in last 3 months, i've been starting wearing a hijab.. I knew that i have the faith to wear hijab, but maybe Allah just give me His 'hidayah' now. I was wearing it step by step.. till the last step is today, i wore a hijab to my english course and i really comfort.. So now, all i need is commitment. Bismillah ya Allah

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's being moooore hectic

As a 12th grader, now i really realize how severe i have to effort to be a student of University of Indonesia. Yes i wanna be a student of University of Indonesia faculty of politic and social science, aaamin! and honestly my day is going crazier everyday.. but, bismillah.. Im sure Allah will help me:)