Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm Grey

last week i went to my sweety pumpkin birthday dinner, it was a lovely dinner at Segarra,ancol.

i wore: gaudi dress-f21shirt-grey hijab-unbranded legging-christopher heels

The Respons

As you know, im newly wore hijab. For me, i dont have any awkward feeling for wear a hijab cos i've been wearing it to school about 6 years(my school is an Islamic school). I know, even if I'm doing good,definitely there who do not like or perhaps simply criticize with words that are not appropriate and sometimes i feel like they're cruel people:p.
My mom said, "If someone were praise you, take it for support. But if anyone critisize you, just ignore it and be patient"(love my mom so bad). And alhamdulillah, i really dont care about what people say and just keep faith about wearing hijab.

Well, i just wanna share to you reader(s), people may hurt your feeling or be wicked to you but just remember, God watch us.