Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Thought

"Carrie: She's pretty
Big: She's got nothing I want "-Sex and The City 2

Love is like a lock and key enzyme, there's only one substrate that match with it (what i've learned in 12th grade:p). So does love, there's only one person you comfy with.

August Rush

These days, i've been busy with the "ospek" thingy. It's been a tiring and hard yet sooo fun. I met new people in my environment, and I'm really thankful to God, most of them are kind. But i'm still try to fit in, as i am. There's so many things in my mind. I'm so knackered, honestly. But I'm sure, everything, if we do it sincerely, God will bring us His blessing.
"Life is a climb, but the view is great"- Hannah Montana The Movie

Hmm anyway, LDR doesn't seems that bad! Alhamdulillah. After a long time no see each other, and then we met, I felt like... burst! hahaha. But yes.  So, just go with it. I'm sure that God's plan are waaaay more beautiful than mine. Absolutely.

xx Salam

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Sweet Song

This is the song that always make me cry whenever i'm listening to it. The lyrics, the voice of Titi dj, it just sweet. ♬♪ Titi dj- Bahasa Kalbu

Kau satu terkasih 
Ku lihat disinar matamu 
Tersimpan kekayaan batinmu

Di dalam senyummu 
Kudengar bahasa kalbu 
Mengalun bening menggetarkan

Kini dirimu yang selalu 
Bertahta di benakku 
Dan aku akan mengiringi bersama 
Di setiap langkahmu


Percayalah hanya diriku paling mengerti 
Kegelisahan jiwamu kasih dan arti kata kecewamu 
Kasih yakinlah hanya aku yang paling memahami 
Besar arti kejujuran diri indah sanubarimu kasih