Friday, February 17, 2012

Carousel dream

I'm not that girl who dream about go to Paris with a guy she loves and kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower.  No, it's definitely not me, not my dreams. I'm a lady who dreaming to have her little own flat in New York, have her own white and peach colored room with a tiny floral pattern wallpaper, typing in front of her lappy, drinking hot choc with a peach knitted wear covered her body, and looking at the window while it's snowing, go to Central Park when it's autumn. Is it too much? Well... I'm just saying.

Everybody has dreams, screw me, that word is lame. But yes, according to my new blog name and blog design it's related to my dreams. Yap, I named my dreams. Well those words above just a little description about my dreams before I wanna get married:$, I got huge haha. I do believe that one day I live it, InshaAllah. I know that Allah always embrace my dreams:-)

Sooo.... Grab your dreams people! Don't steal the others, own yours! There's no one could ever forbid you to own your dream. Cause Allah is always listen. Allah is The Giver of all.

I'm so sleepy, good night people, let's swim in the calm. Salam:-)

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