Friday, June 15, 2012

A Night to Think

Some thoughts appeared in my mind. In the middle of the night, when maybe everyone in my house has gone to sleep. In the middle of this disappointment feeling.  What is it again, love? 
I'm that kind of person who believe in true love. I sometimes see it from his gaze, his behave, and even gesture. But this thought appeared somehow, where all this 'love' things gonna ended up?
Does he still call me beauty when my face grow some wrinkle?
Does he still wait for me when I walk slow and slower?
When we talk about the future, it's full of dismay, absolutely. And suddenly another words came out from my head.

"When God still let me to love you, I will love you"

It might answer it all. Let God be the Director, and let ourselves be the actor.

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