Friday, July 13, 2012

A Thank-you Post


The picture above is a pic of me and my best friend, Revi. Isn't she beautiful? :-3
We met at college. At first I thought she was a mean girl because she seemed so cocky. We often met when we pray at mushola. As time goes by, we get along, I've shared everything to her, everything. My family background, my love-life story, my high school drama, everything. We spend a lot of time together, study, absent the class together to hang out, sleepover and so many more. I'm not that kind of person who easily fit in. I like making friends, but to making best friend, it's totally different. 

I don't remember how we suddenly get close and be a best friend. What I remember is every moment I spent with her is precious. I cried to her, she cried to me, we laughed, we fought. She knows I have a trauma in friendship thingy. But somehow I trust her. I really grateful to Allah for met a friend like her. A super friend like her. She's a super kind, religious, and true hearted friend. She took care of me when my tummy is killin me because of period, she give me a dark choc when I cried all day long:-3, she cried when she apologize her fault.She is one who made me see my self even better and respect my self. If you're a guy (reader), I suggest you that she's a worth-to-be-wife lady:-P 


I know that she wants to be an entrepreneur like her dad. I know communication major wasn't her first choice. I know she enjoy studying it. But I didn't know she's that serious to move. Yes, she is now a student of SBM ITB which is located in... Bandung:-)

She's leaving..

I'm not gonna tell how sad I am to know that, I know Allah have a way more beautiful plan than us. And I'm definitely happy for you. Thank you for everything Rev, being a close friend of you is one of the best thing ever. Thank you for always pompin' my spirit up when I'm down, thank you for everything. Be good there, may Allah take care of our friendship.

This post is dedicated to Revi Adelia, this may sounds cheesy, but I really mean it. By the way, this is not a good-bye post, this is a thank you and hello post. Hello for the new phase of life. Bismillah to us!

Poor me I got this news on my birthday month, oh bittersweet July

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